I have to clear out all of this old 1.3 inventory in case Apple approves 2.0 this week!

Seriously, this is to celebrate the amazing iPhone 3G S, the new $99 3G, and iPhone OS 3.0, all of which improve the experience for developers and users and will significantly expand the iPhone’s installed base.

To clear up a common question: Instapaper Pro 1.3 owners will get the 2.0 upgrade at no additional charge. Developers currently have no way to charge for iPhone-app updates, but even if we did, I’d still make 2.0 a free upgrade once Apple approves it. (And on the approval front, I’m sorry, but I haven’t heard anything yet.)

The sale price is now less than most good sandwiches. And even the best sandwich only provides a few minutes of enjoyment. What are you waiting for?