New bookmarklet with multi-page article saving

The Instapaper “Read Later” bookmarklet is now redesigned as a faster, more compatible full-page overlay that’s easier to see.

The previous little “Saved!” frame had a great run, but its time has passed. Readers are now saving more pages than ever on tablets and phones, and the old bookmarklet wasn’t visible enough there. Instapaper’s customers would often complain that they didn’t even see the old bookmarklet working.

So the bookmarklet now sports a completely new design that’s highly visible at every screen size, and works in more browsers, too:

The new bookmarklet now also supports automatic saving of every page in multi-page articles.

Like the previous bookmarklet, it works for sites that require logins or payment, too: if you can view a page, you can save it to your Instapaper account. You don’t need to give Instapaper your passwords (I don’t want them) or require publishers to change their business models. If you can see it, you can save it.

You don’t need to reinstall your Read Later bookmarklet to get this update. It applies automatically to the one you already have.

For feedback, bug reports, or requests to improve the handling of particular sites, please email. Thank you.