Instapaper 4.2.5: iPhone 5 support, Open-Dyslexic font option

Instapaper 4.2.5 was just approved with support for the iPhone 5, iOS 6 compatibility improvements, and bugfixes.

Many people use Instapaper for improved accessibility, especially customers with low or no vision. Given what Instapaper does — capture any web page and present it in a consistent, adjustable, customer-controlled environment — it’s a natural fit for bringing improved accessibility and legibility to anyone who needs it.

I started looking for a dyslexia-optimized font two years ago, but couldn’t find one that was licensable for apps until now. I’m happy to report that in this update, I added the Open-Dyslexic font by Abelardo Gonzalez. Its bottom-weighted characters are designed to reduce letter-swapping and increase differentiation between similar-looking letters, which improves readability for people with dyslexia. It’s now the bottom-most option in the font list in Instapaper’s text-controls (“aA”) panel.

Get Instapaper 4.2.5 now in the App Store.