Instapaper 3.0.2 for iPhone and iPad now available

tl;dr version: New dictionary, zoomable images, lots of bugfixes. Get it.

New dictionary

Did you know that Instapaper has a built-in, offline English dictionary? (It takes up most of the app’s 10 MB download size.) It’s been there for a while, but in 3.0.2, it got a huge overhaul with lots of improvements.

Just select a word and tap Define:

In 3.0.2, this has an all-new look, thousands of new and expanded definitions, and interlinking between words. So in this case, in the relatively unhelpful definition of “Of, or pertaining to, the Apocrypha”, you can tap “Apocrypha” and see what that means.

And if you have the excellent Terminology (iPad, iPhone) app installed, that link in the corner appears automatically, and you can continue your search there if you’d like to explore further.

Zoom images

Tap any image in an article, and you now get a helpful menu, including a “Zoom” option to open them in a full-screen, zoomable image viewer:

(Hi, Jim!)

For a shortcut, just pinch to zoom on any image and it opens in the Zoom viewer.

Developers: x-callback-url

For the dictionary look-up-in-Terminology feature, Instapaper and Terminology communicate via the new x-callback-url draft standard that we co-authored (in that I had a vague idea, then Greg Pierce, author of Terminology, did all of the actual work and documentation).

Using this, Instapaper calls out to Terminology, but then Terminology offers users a quick way to switch back to Instapaper when they’re done.

Instapaper now supports its own x-callback-url method for adding URLs, in case you want to skip the Instapaper API or provide offline adding-to-Instapaper without implementing a queue:


  • url: (required) The URL to add.
  • x-source: (optional) The human-readable name of your app that will be presented in the dialog (e.g. “Add this URL from {source}?”)
  • x-success: (optional) The URL to call back after the user has responded to the Instapaper “Add” dialog. If unspecified, Instapaper will remain open.
  • x-error: (optional) The URL to call back if it fails for some unforeseen reason or if the user isn’t logged in. If unspecified, the x-success URL is called.


The 3.0.2 release fixes a lot of bugs, big and small. Among the notable ones:

  • A memory leak that would cause occasional crashes.
  • The bug in 3.0.1 that caused the most recent article not to show up after an update if it contained images until after you hit Update again.
  • Pagination preventing the device from sleeping forever.

Get the update now in the App Store, free for all customers and $4.99 if you aren’t a customer yet.