Ready for your testing: the new Instapaper web beta

When the betaworks team sat down with Instapaper’s creator, Marco Arment, back in April to get a download of his ideas and to-dos for improving Instapaper, the first thing on his list was to update the Instapaper website. Well we’ve done it, and it’s now ready for you to check out and test.

Check it out here: (just log in with your usual Instapaper account credentials).

We’d love your thoughts, ideas, suggestions, condemnations, or bug or error reports.  Please send feedback by email to, and any page errors or formatting weirdness to

We’ve also set up a mailing list for anyone who wants to get early access to future Instapaper betas.  You can sign up for our early access list here.

Coming up next:  New versions of the Instapaper iOS and Android apps, rife with excellent new features (like useful ways to sort and filter your unread items) but staying true to Instapaper’s core values of clean design, intuitive interfaces, and non-nonsense functionality.  We’re also building a mobile web interface, browser extensions and add-ons for the major web browsers, improved subscription and customer support infrastructure, new social integrations, RSS support, and many other things besides.