Instapaper 5.0 for iOS 7 - What’s New

And voila!  As of a few minutes ago, there’s an all-new Instapaper in the App Store. Instapaper 5.0 has a updated look and feel, new features for sorting, filtering, and managing your reading queue, and is translated into 13 languages.  We’re really excited for you to start using it.

Here’s a quick rundown of what’s new:

  • New look and feel. We’ve further simplified and refined the Instapaper user experience, and harmonized it with iOS 7 design paradigms.  We hope you’ll find it a bit more beautiful, a bit more intuitive, but still every bit as clean, straightforward, and useful as Instapaper’s always been.
  • Sorting and filtering.  You can now sort your reading list in a bunch of useful ways:
    • Most recently saved to oldest saved
    • Oldest saved to most recently saved
    • Longest to shortest
    • Shortest to longest
    • Most popular to least popular
    • Random shuffle

Our data shows that almost all users save more articles than they have time to read.  These more powerful and flexible sorting tools will help users quickly find the right articles at the right time. For example, you can now filter your queue by reading time, so whether you have a 10 minute subway ride or are in the mood for a hour’s worth of sustained deep-dive reading, you can find articles that fit your availability.

Our new Popularity sort is probably the most interesting feature in this update. We used a variety of Instapaper data signals (how many times an article was saved, how often it’s been opened, how often it gets read , and how many likes, saves, and shares it got from users) to calculate a popularity score for each article.  Our algorithm then takes that data, applies some weighting and time decay functions, and ranks your queue. 

  • Videos.  We’ve now got improved parsing, display, and playback for videos.  And we’ve added a dedicated Video tab to make it easy to find and play the videos you’ve saved.
  • New and improved Sepia theme.
  • Improved parsing of articles, meaning vastly fewer screwy pages, missing text, messed-up images.
  • Darker splash screen, for a better, less blinding night reading experience.
  • Translated into 13 languages!  Instapaper is now available in Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Turkish, Russian, Dutch, and Polish.  If your iPhone is set to one of those languages, Instapaper will appear in that language, too.

So we’ve now updated the Instapaper website and launched the new Instapaper 5.0 app for iOS 7.  What’s next? Well we’re already hard at work on Instapaper 5.1 for iOS, focusing on a wide array of improvements and optimizations for the iPad and some iOS 7 specific updates. We’ll also be rolling out a hugely upgraded Instapaper app for Android and an Instapaper browser extension/add-on for Chrome and Safari.

 Thank you for using Instapaper!  We want to build the app you want, with the features you want, that works the way you want.  Please send us your feedback, suggestions, and (not that there are any, but, you know, just in case) bug reports.