Launched: Updated Instapaper App for Android

Don’t look now (actually, look now!), but there’s an all-new Instapaper for Android app update in Google Play Store. Like our iOS app, this new version has an updated look and feel, a few subtle new features, and a bunch of much-needed performance improvements.

Our biggest priority for Android was upgrading and optimizing the UI so that it’s richer, more useful, and more consistent with the super-clean experience available on iOS.

Feature-wise, we added:

  • Classic Instapaper touches like pull-to-refresh and video support. 

  • Tools for sorting, filtering, and managing your reading queue.

  • A new way to paginate your articles, enabling zippy left/right swiping from page to page.

Our biggest challenge was definitely building an improved Instapaper experience while keeping the look and feel consistent across different Android platforms and devices. We started by adding enhancements from our recent redesign, like the newly-designed color schemes and minimalist layout and found that they translated well across a variety of devices. We then focused on improving the Android app’s navigation for quick and easy access to saved content, plus adding new features.  This meant redesigning the sidebar for folders/videos/search, and adding action bar menus for sorting and filtering to the top of the app.

We’re focused on making Instapaper the best reading experience on all web and mobile devices, and hope that you Android users like the changes!  We really hope you’ll give us your feedback and suggestions.

Next up:  An improved tablet version, more social and sharing features, non-English language translations, and, always, performance improvements.

- Maan Najjar, Instapaper Android Developer