Introducing Instapaper Daily

At Instapaper, we’re really into sorting the real-time stream of great reading content that flows through our servers. Today, we’re proud to announce our newest experiment - the Instapaper Daily, a retrospective lens that focuses on filtering and exploring quality content.

Instapaper Daily lets you read through a temporally organized collection of the most popular articles on Instapaper. This means you can discover the most popular article today or on each of the last 7 days, or jump to any date or month in 2013 and explore the biggest story on that day.


Our first attempt to sort Instapaper’s nearly 400 thousand daily web links was through InstaRank, an algorithm that surfaces stories receiving widespread attention in the community.

But we noticed “popularity” is heavily dependent on whether an article is current — and then the content is lost during the next burst of incoming information. Because of this, we’ve spent time exploring the possibilities of filtering in new ways.  

In presenting Instapaper Daily, our aim was to retain the minimalist look, which is why we had Grant Custer (@GrantCuster), the man behind Instapaper’s website redesign, develop The Daily’s look. We realize people have varied interests in different categories of information, so Grant focused on easy category-based browsing and seven topical categories, like business, sports and health.


In the future, all timelines will automatically update daily to provide you with one most popular article for each day. But in the meantime, feel free to disconnect from the content stream during the holidays. Just come back and check Instapaper Daily for the day’s most popular stories, articles you may have missed, or something entirely new.

suman | deb roy

data scientist, betaworks.