Instapaper Safari Extension

Safari users: Saving to Instapaper just got a whole lot better. Last December we rolled out a big update to Instapaper’s Chrome extension, and today we’re happy to announce we’ve brought those same great features to the Safari extension.

What’s new:

  • Shortcut:  A Ctrl+S keyboard shortcut to save the article you’re currently looking at.

  • Right-click:  Added “Instapaper” option to the right-click menu to save the current page, or any link on the current page.

  • Buttons:  Added “Save to Instapaper” buttons directly on Twitter, Reddit, and Hacker News. Alongside each Tweet, Reddit story, or Hacker News item, you’ll now find an inline Instapaper button.

  • Highlighting:  Enabled highlighting for article descriptions. Simply highlight a chunk of text, right-click it and choose “Instapaper” from the right-click menu, and your selection will be the Instapaper description for the article.

  • Toggle options:  The keyboard shortcut and inline saving options can be toggled by going to Safari  Perferences  Extensions  Instapaper



What’s next on the roadmap for extensions?

  • Close tabs: The option to close a tab automatically after saving to Instapaper.

  • Save directly to folders: The option to save an article directly to an Instapaper folder, using your right-click menu.

  • Custom shortcuts: A customizable keyboard shortcut for saving an article.

If you have the Safari extension already installed you’ll still need to download and install the update manually, but from now on the Safari extension will update automatically whenever it needs to.

As always, let us know in the comments if you have any other feature requests!