Instapaper iOS 5.1.5

Instapaper iOS 5.1.5 launched today! The update contains several new features that have been high on users’ wish lists:

  • Instapaper Daily is now integrated into the “Browse” section. Instapaper Daily shows you the top article each day, giving you another (in this case, data-driven) way to find compelling articles to read.

  • Send to Kindle functionality.  This feature lets subscribers send their Read Later items to Kindle, directly from the Instapaper app. Before using this feature, you must register your Kindle email address with Instapaper.

  • AirPlay support. If you’re watching a long video you’ve saved to Instapaper (don’t forget, Instapaper is great for watching videos later), AirPlay lets you stream it to a bigger screen via, e.g., an Apple TV.

  • Back gestures with pagination enabled.  If you use pagination, you can now swipe left from the first page, or right from the last page, to return to your articles.

and… (wait for it…)

  • Auto-renewable subscriptions!

Implementing renewable subscriptions in the iOS version is an important advance for Instapaper. It’ll help us maintain our business and continue to evolve and improve Instapaper for all users. Above all, auto-renew removes a point of annoyance from the experience of our most active and loyal users.

Before purchasing the renewable subscription, you’ll need to agree to share some personal information, including name, email address, and ZIP code. As per our privacy policy, we promise that we will neither access nor store this additional information. It is simply a requirement of the auto-renewable subscription process, likely due to the feature being available first for magazine and newspaper publishers. So if you subscribe, please don’t be alarmed when you see it in the dialog box:

Also, auto-renewable subscriptions are managed directly through iTunes, and so you’ll have to return to iTunes to unsubscribe (not that you’d ever want to!). To unsubscribe you go to iOS Settings » iTunes » Apple ID » Manage button under Subscriptions setting.

Our next release will be the most ambitious Instapaper update since it was acquired by Betaworks. If you have any feature requests please let us know in the comments.  As always, thank you!