New York Times partially broken, again

Some pages saved from The New York Times are showing only their login screen in Instapaper instead of the article. Something recently changed on their end, not mine, to break this.

Making Instapaper work with The New York Times has always been difficult because they often try to force us through the login page. I’ve written a lot of custom crawling support for their site, but it’s relatively complex and fragile — they can block Instapaper at any time. They have methods to enable content access for “partners”, but I’ve been unable to become one.

I’ve tried contacting them numerous times in the past but have never received a response. A writer for their Bits Blog even conducted a long phone interview with me that never resulted in a published post. I’ve given up trying to make any more contact from this end — it has proven to be completely futile.

I will continue trying my best to make Instapaper work with The New York Times, but again, I cannot guarantee that I’ll be successful now or in the future. It’s entirely possible that they could ask me (or technically force me) to stop saving their content with Instapaper at any time. I hope it doesn’t come to that.

I’d love for someone there to contact me so we can work together to resolve this.