Redesigned Instapaper for iPad

Over the past few months we’ve been steadily upgrading Instapaper, starting with the backend & web app, and then the rollout of the new iPhone and Android apps. The iPad app quickly went from the best experience in our product suite to one that felt really dated.

Today, we’re happy to announce that we’ve redesigned the Instapaper iPad app, and it’s better than ever.


We started the update by introducing a similar set of design updates that were extremely welcomed on iPhone, and continued to build in the other great features of Instapaper v5:

  • Sorting and filtering
  • Better parsing and organization for videos
  • Browse section to discover editorial and social articles
  • More article options on swipe
  • Pull to refresh

We also made some improvements across both the iPhone and iPad versions of Instapaper:

  • Dark mode is now much darker, in response to your feedback (we’re still listening)
  • More minimal scroll bar in article view
  • Improved accessibility

Now we’re focused on fine-tuning the Instapaper parser, cleaning up the Android tablet experience, improving the typography, and introducing some subtle but powerful features that will really improve the reading experience.

Stay tuned!

Brian, Instapaper Engineer